Information about Ligo Live

App Name:Ligo Live
Size:86,82 Mb
Operating system:APK, IOS
Category:Live, make money, datting
Address:35005 E Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184, United States

Ligo Live where you can find the hottest and sexiest Idols and hot girls that you can't find anywhere else. You just need to sit and watch Idols, hot girls show off their singing, dancing, dancers and even hot scenes on the small screen of your phone. Ligo Live is so attractive, isn't it? Let's find out with Ligo Live through the following article.

Ligo Live has many users in many different countries. People who download and install applications just need to go to the App Store or CHplay to search and download. Install and register for a free account

What is Ligo Live App?

Ligo Live has content such as making friends, dating, watching Idol, Streamer livestream every day and playing online betting games that are easy to make money. Coming to Ligo Live, you will be able to watch Idols, Streamers show their talents such as singing, dancing or chatting with the sharpest livestream image quality. In addition, people play money games with a high win rate and quick withdrawal when winning big money.

Just install, register a member at Ligo Live, you will experience a series of impressive, unique and new features. With a scientifically designed interface, compatible with many other phones, it will bring users to use the application easily and perform quick operations. Ligo Live uses harmonious, gentle colors, if you use it for a long time, it will not affect the eyes. In addition, the security system and customer care are also very professional, all user information is absolutely confidential. Users who encounter any problems are quickly supported by staff

The special thing about Ligo Live is that there are many special chat rooms with a lot of content for users over 18 years old. That's why people need to consider when joining the application. With these chat rooms, you have absolutely free access. Special chat rooms always bring you the most interesting and interesting things

Highlights at Ligo Live app

Access to the application is always stable

Viewers of livestreams and online games on Ligo Live never experience jerky or lag. Prove that the application always has a stable access speed. In addition, the image and video quality always reaches the highest resolution 2K, 4K.

However, to have stable access network speed, people need to have a device connected to 4G, 5G or Wifi networks.

Ligo Live application interface

  • Design applications suitable for all ages, all objects can be used.
  • The application has a capacity from 120M to 150M, usable on Android and IOS operating systems. In addition, the application can be used on a computer or laptop
  • The contents and folders are designed in turn from the game store, chat room, gaming … separately. The classification is also very scientific, making it easy to find the item you need
  • Features on Ligo Live app

  • Make friends and chat with other members on the app. In addition, you can open GPS navigation to search for members available on the application closest to you. Ligo Live also has private, group or video chat rooms
  • You can watch livestream anytime you want because livstream works 24/7. You want to interact and chat with any Idol, Streamer. In addition, if you love Idols, streamers on the application can give gifts and gifts on Ligo Live that are very diverse and of great value.
  • Ligo Live has hundreds of online betting games for everyone to participate in. The games have been tested for credibility and quality, everyone participating does not worry about cheating or cheating. You can play games and watch live stream at the same time
  • There are many incentives and promotions for members on the application. Events are organized by week, month, year.. the opportunity for everyone to win great prizes. Signing up for an app account you will receive a certain amount from the offer. This money you can play betting games at Ligo Live